REMINDER: Deadline for U.S. Figure Skating Qualifying Season - Saturday @ 8:59PM


Good Evening,

I wanted to remind everyone that the entry deadline for U.S. Figure Skating's qualifying season is this Saturday, September 1 at 8:59PM Pacific Daylight Time. Late entries are never accepted by U.S. Figure Skating, so please do not wait until the last minute to register for the season.

To register, please go to the member's only site of U.S. Figure Skating, and select the registration link under the Events drop down tab (top left). More information for our region is available at

Please note that qualifying entries should register for the "2019 NWP Regional Figure Skating Championships," while non-qualifying registrations must be made under the "2019 Pacific NW Open Championships."

If you have any questions about how to register, or if you need assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Thank you,
Summer Browner
President, Winterhawks FSC

Click Here to Submit Athlete Headshot To Be Included in Event Program - Due September 7th

Music and PPC Upload will be available in your skater portal through EMS on September 2nd.

sent to registered club members via MailChimp 8/30